3 Apps To Up Your Social Media Game

Before you roll your eyes and tell me that you already have too many apps, trust me, these 3 will make life infinitely easier if like me your work and indeed life is on social media.

I’m sure you’e seen the same templates doing the rounds on everyones Instagram and Facebook stories and like me, want something different for your own brand, that’s where Easil comes in.

A browser-based tool with professional-looking templates for Instagram and Facebook Stories, it’s especially helpful if you’re not a graphic designer or all that creative minded, like me!

Once you’ve selected a template, you can edit the font, colour scheme, image, and more. Easil also has a nice font selection and a stock art service called Easil Stock, which is frequently updated with fresh images.

The other thing I really like about Easil, is the ability to create Brand Toolkits, so it like me, you manage numerous clients social channels, you can create a set for each including colours, styles and fonts, making creation even easier!


Although there is a free 14-day trial, which I recommend using to get to grips with the platform and decide if it’s for you, if you want to download and use the templates then you need to upgrade to the monthly fee, which is $7.50 (£6.18 ish), this gives you over 7,500 templates!

Ever find yourself cursing the fact you have a video that only fits one social media platform, but you need it across all? Crop Video to the rescue! It turns landscape video into perfectly cropped vertical or square video. After you upload landscape video to this browser-based video editor, Crop Video uses face- and object-recognition to split the video into shots.

Although you can adjust the cropping shot by shot to fine-tune the final video, the automated cropping works quite well and is a massive time saver!

apps to help with social media

I find myself using Crop Video most when creating vertical videos for IGTV or Instagram stories. For Insta Stories it’s especially good as you can set in and out points and then export 15-second clips of the cropped video. With this feature, you avoid stories that cut off a video that exceeds the 15-second limit.

With the free version of Crop Video, you can export one shot without a watermark, and the size, length, and quality of your exported video are limited. If you pay about £7, you can access the tool for 24 hours without these limitations. For full anytime access, you pay about £48 per month. Whilst this might seem steep, consider how long it might take you in other programmes, or indeed utilising a video editor every time you need a video editing.

Tools like this I find allow me to be more creative with videos, which is nothing but a benefit for clients social growth and also the audiences they are appealing to.

Not yet achieved the heady heights of 10,000 followers on instagram and the lusted after swipe up option, you need Linktree, it offers a great way to expand what your Instagram profile link can do.

Your Instagram bio is the only place for a clickable URL in all of Instagram, if you don’t have the swipe up stories function, With Linktree, you can point your bio link to a bunch of different links that are clickable from that one place. The effect is almost like a mini landing page with four or five additional links.

Untitled design (13).png

Linktree also makes it easier to optimise where you send people from your profile. No need to change your bio link all the time so it points to your new article or deal. Instead, you can point to a few evergreen options that help your fans and followers find your latest report, podcast, event, or whatever your standard offerings are.

Linktree is free with some Linktree branding, but you can upgrade for £5 per month to remove the branding, set custom UTM tags, add team member access, and more.

I really hope all of that helps! If you have some awesome apps you couldn’t be without be sure to let me know in the comments or tweet me!