Key Dates Your Business Can Benefit From In 2018

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New year, new fire in your belly when it comes to your brands social presence, but find yourself more than 20 days in and not much has changed? This post will help with that. 

Whilst it can seem that there is a National Something Or Other day constantly, it would be remiss to ignore them all, as it might just be they provide you with anything from inspiration to a tool to advance your product or service. 

To help you get started, I've pulled together a handy list! 


Dry January

Sell alcohol so think this is off the cards for you to engage with, wrong! In fact it's allows you to show the wider reach of your offerings, such as non alcoholic versions of beverages, or in deed soft drink options that are a little more interested than the norm. 


Does you brand sit with vegan morals? Are you a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand? Now is the time to shout about it. Are you a restaurant that could look to offer more vegan options? Use it as a chance to shine and welcome those customers who may have previously felt excluded.

27th January - National Story Telling Week

This is a a fantastic opportunity for brands, inspire customers to share their stories with you, be it about the first time they experienced your product/service. Tell the story of your brand, how did your business begin?


February 9th: National Pizza Day

Who doesn't love pizza, if you're a foodie or drinks brand, this is a clear opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your customers by asking them to get involved. 

Create a fun quiz which works out what kind of pizza you would be based on your job role, date of birth, favourite cheese...the possibilities are endless!

Host a pizza workshop, a beer & pizza pairing evening, 

February 13th: Pancake Day

Whether it’s a pancake race outside with all your staff which you share on social and allow customers to vote on or choose the winner, a special menu or just a special 'flipping amazing' offer for that day only, this is a day when everyone is ready to get involved for the sake of delicious pancakes.

February 14th: Valentine’s Day

The day of love, or the day where you can share a little cynicism! Which ever on works best for your business. 

Florists, make sure you have roses in stock and make it easy for people to buy, fashion stores get your date-worthy outfits front and centre, coffee shops add a free heart shaped cookie on the side of all coffees when people share their best date stories using a hashtag you create.

Online businesses, declare your love for your own customers with a flash sale or special offer, give people time to prepare for it and stress the urgency of the sale/discount. 


March 1st: St. David’s Day

St. David is the patron saint of Wales. Welsh businesses take note! Travel companies that have venues in Wales, take notice. Brands who sell Welsh items, take notice and fly the flag high! 

March 11th: Mother’s Day

This is a wonderful opportunity to stray away from the norm, inspire customers to be kind, to share the love for their mums. Share a little insight into your team members, share candid moments about their lives, customers relate to that and it reminds them that behind every business are real people with real lives! 

If you have products that fit well with the day, then by all means share, offer and promote. Flowers, gifts, eating out etc, make sure you let them know in person, online and via mailing lists. Make it timely and focus on the feelings and memories you can create, rather than on the material possessions. 

March 24th: Red Nose Day

No matter your business, this is a perfect time for you all to get red noses on and be part of one of the country’s biggest charity days, it's a great way to get staff and customers involved and engaging with each other. This is a fantastic opportunity to create funny or moving video content, whilst doing your bit for the charity.  


April 1st: Easter Sunday

Do something unexpected, as well as the usual promotions. Get the local businesses together and host an egg hunt, bonnet contest or chocolate egg workshops. There are so many engaging ways to celebrate that don't simply involve making that sale!

Don't forget your online presence too, hide easter eggs in your images, treat customers to Easter giveaways, invite followers to get creative. 

April 21st: National Tea Day

Can you even be British if you don't have an opinion about tea! Fan the flames of national pride and get a conversation going! In store give away free cups of tea, if you’re a coffee shop, concentrate on all the ways you can have tea, iced, hot, in baking... 


Bank Holiday - 7th & 28th 

Make the most of people having the day off work (in most cases) - give people a really good reason for getting out of the house and trying your products or services.

Think of the things people love doing on Bank Holidays, BBQ, spending time with family, getting outside, then find a way your business can link in with that. It doesn't have to be ground breaking, but it does need to be on brand to convince people to spend with you.


June 17th: Father’s Day

If your business has items that will make dad’s day then put them up front and centre and try putting them on offer so little ones, and slightly bigger ones, can help show their dad some appreciation on this day.


July 7th: World Chocolate Day

Everyone, take note! If you are a B2B business, send your main customers a box of chocolates, treat your staff to a chocolate bar. 

If you're a B2C business then think of the ways you can add value to customers already shopping with you.

If you have a cafe or restaurant, use this day to amplify your USP, rather than simply offering a discount on normal items, how about creating a specific chocolate menu, chocolate tea, curry, salad dressing, cocktails, they can all be created with a touch of chocolate. 


August 27th: Bank holiday

Replicate what worked in May, customers will make it clear what they engaged with most, so give them it in bucket loads!


October 31st: Halloween

Get the costumes on, seriously it's the most fun day of the year! Get the camera out and make sure your social followers know you’re taking part and give them a chance to get involved and win! in fact, Go to town on the decorations and the spooky puns! 



As with Red Nose Day, getting your staff and customers involved in the greater good together can only lead to great things.  health. Whether you encourage beard-growing staff to take part, or stick a fake ‘tache onto others. The moustache has also become super trendy in recent years, so maybe you already have items (or have some shaped biscuits your coffee shop can bake) to sell as part of the theme and remember to have some proceeds go to the good cause it stands for.

November 11th: Remembrance Day

Whilst this is a sober event, it's important your business do its bit by showing support. Make sure your staff wear poppies, where possible, uphold the 2-minute silence at 11 am. Be aware that working this day into your marketing in any other way is likely to be considered poor taste.


December 24th: Christmas Eve

The final push before Christmas and prime for people who haven’t finished their shopping and will be on a mission to do so, make sure you’re letting everyone know that your items are the perfect finishing purchase for their Christmas.

If you're an online business that cannot deliver items same day, then make it easy for people to purchase them and download them to give as a gift!  

December 25th-31st: Sale 

Christmas Day and the week that follows is one of the busiest shopping periods online, ensure your business is set up for that push and increase in sales, especially if you have discounts.

So there you have it, a snippet of insight into some of the days you can capitalise upon, regardless of your industry!