Twitter Analytics For iOS Mobile App Users

At last, Twitter have launched an analytics dashboard for iOS users, allowing for on the move access to engagement and interaction statistics.

First up, you need the latest updated of the app for iPhone, once done, simply click on one of your tweets and nestled below you will see "View Tweet Activity" 

How fitting that it would be announced in the form of a tweet, although not from the business itself but from front end engineer Ian Chan Twitter would announce the unveiling of their mobile analytics via a tweet. It's been a long time coming, and I thought I should share what it means for users...

In order to view the analytics data, you simply need to update to the latest version of Twitter for iPhone, click on one of your tweets to get to its detail page and tap “View Tweet Activity.”


You’ll then be presented with a top line range of analytics information, including impressions and engagement any given tweet has received, stats include; 

  • How many people clicked the link within the tweet
  • How many people clicked to expand the tweet
  • How many favourites the tweet received
  • How many clicked through to your profile or bio

Additionally, it offers tailored analytics depending on the type of tweet, for example if the tweet includes a link, then details of click through will be shown, but also those that are not notable enough for sharing. 

As it stands there's no word on Android support yet, but like all things I'm sure it’ll arrive in due course – with more users (and marketers) operating out of their mobile devices, analytics support on mobile has been long overdue and a very welcome addition. 

This update will not only assist individuals and SME's who manage social in-house, to get a faster grasp on engagement, it will also improve the on-the-go nature of the industry. 

The change is another step forward by Twitter, making data more broadly available to its users, regardless of industry or level of digital marketing skill, it comes off the back of their analytics dashboard that was launched to the public earlier this year. 

The tool was initially targeted at Twitter advertisers and publishers, those who are more likely to be tracking things like impressions, replies and clicks on a regular basis in order to analyse their own social media strategies, or that of their clients, as in my case. Previously the company had already offered advertisers data about tweets they’d paid to promote, but the same was not offered to "organic" tweets until the analytics dashboard. 

On the web, the dashboard provides understandably more detailed statistics, showing organic impressions and engagements, charts detailing performance, tweet previews and detailed engagement metrics for each post, and the ability to export your data and permalinks for further analysis.