Online Social Media Course

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Less Faff More Kick Ass is a 10-week online course to help you;

  • Building a Social Strategy

  • Developing a Content Plan

  • Using Social Media to sell

  • Creating an expert social channel

  • Reporting and analytics

social media training

Bring together all of the members of your team that work on social media currently or will be in the future.

Training covers everything from the basics of how to set up and get started with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (or other platform if necessary) right the way through to:

  • Using social media to sell.

  • Creating an expert social channel.

  • Reporting and analytics

Bespoke to your business needs.

Social Media Management

Consultancy offers you a variety of expertise suited to your business including;

  • Competitor Analysis & Audit

  • Social Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Management of Social Platforms

  • Paid & Earned content strategy

Content calendar


Know the importance of creating the right content for your brands social media channels but simply don't have the time or capacity?

Let me help! With industry knowledge spanning, health & beauty, estate agency, recruitment, wellbeing, finance & tourism - I can create on brand, engaging content for you including;

  • Thorough and insightful content research

  • Optimised hashtags & campaign involvement

 Influencer Outreach

Blogs are the third most likely source to influence a purchase. 81% of the online population trust the information & advice they receive from influencers and 61% purchase based on a recommendation

Now is the time to focus attention & budget on building relationships with influencers?

Social Media Strategy

You know how to navigate the online maze of social media, you understand about hashtags and retweets, but you feel as though you need a little more focus or direction?

I can guide you towards a social strategy that is both manageable in-house and also meets your business needs.

There are various options for this, including a one off Social Strategy, 6-monthly reviews or indeed monthly sessions to help build and develop the stragegy alongside internal teams.